Over the years, the focus of many other O&P companies has slipped to making the prosthetic device the top priority. As prosthetic technology continues to evolve and develop, it’s easy to see how this perspective could slip into a company’s mindset. It’s not about how cool of a prosthetic hand you could provide to a patient. The answer is not to provide the most technically complex, and often the most expensive, prosthetic system that can be found. Rather, the most useful and appropriate systems are chosen based on the planned activities of the patient, whether at school, at work or at play. This concept is at the center of the Handspring philosophy.

The Handspring culture is all about treating each person as an individual and finding the treatment plan that will best help every client to live their own daily lives. Each and every client goes through a detailed evaluation process that incorporates not only the prosthetic questions that need to be answered but also the therapy information that will be critical to optimizing a patient’s success with their new prosthetic device. It’s essential for all of the Handspring team to thoroughly understand a client’s goals, limitations and capabilities BEFORE the prosthetic device is designed and fabricated.

Once this level of understanding is achieved, then our team of prosthetists, therapists, and fabrication experts take a holistic approach to the creation of each person’s prosthesis. There is no ‘arm in a box’. There are no pre-configured devices. Instead, our clinical team creates a prosthesis that has been designed, customized and fabricated for each person’s needs.

As our final step, our therapists work closely with Handspring patients to get the most positive outcome possible from each prosthetic device. These therapy processes are highly customized to match the activities of each patient and to provide him or her with the skills necessary for daily living.

The Handspring Patient Care Process has one overriding objective – care for each and every client as an individual.

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