The Handspring Team is proud to announce that Chris Baschuk, CPO, FAAOP, Lead Clinician for our Salt Lake City office has recently been accepted to present at the upcoming Innovations in Amputation Surgery & Prosthetic Technologies (IASPT) meeting in Vienna, Austria. Chris’ presentation on Clinical Application of 3D Printed Partial Finger and Partial Hand Prostheses will take place on May 12th among other appearances from worldwide leaders in the prosthetics profession. We’re so excited for Chris to be among a small handful of certified prosthetists who were accepted to present at this prestigious, international event highlighted with key players of Industry, Medicine, Therapy, Engineering, Surgery, Rehabilitation, Prosthetics and R&D.

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For Professionals:
First Stride instruction will include classroom and hands-on experience with examination of lower limb amputations, causes, morbidities, gait analysis, and fall risks and resovery. First Stride Training is for PTs, PTAs and Allied Health Care Professionals.

For Participants:
First Stride instruction will give participants the chance to experience a variety of gait exercises with trained professionals, including weight-bearing and turns, and how best to fall and to get back up.

Instructor Chris Doger, PT & CP, has been in the healthcare field for 15 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Miami, and her certification in Prosthetics from Northwestern. Her areas of specialty within Prosthetics include lower extremity prosthetics and gait training.

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This interesting article in the November/December issue of Amplitude magazine highlights the important factor that therapy can be for amputees. Whether the patient is living with upper limb loss or lower limb loss, a skilled therapist can create dramatic change for patients’ daily lives. Written by Handspring’s Debra Latour, OTR/L, this comprehensive article directly shows the multiple ways that therapists impact the lives of the amputees with whom they work.

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July 2016 Is shaping up To be a very big month For Handspring In the publishing realm. The work Of the Handspring team Is highlighted In three separate articles between two different publications this month. Handspring Upper Limb Prosthetics Specialist Chris Baschuk, MPO, CPO, LP, FAAOP has been very busy over the last few months drafting these articles.

The first two articles are Case studies Of Handspring patients presented In The Academy Today, a publication produced quarterly by The American Academy Of Orthotists & Prosthetists.

The first Case study shares the experience one Of our Handspring Heroes, Mary, had With being fit With one Of the first active elevated vacuum transhumeral prostheses In the world. Read about Mary's experience here:

The second Case study demonstrates the unique ability that the Handspring Clinical Team has To provide solutions For patients With Partial hand Or digit amputations even When past attempts at fitting With a prosthesis have failed. In this article Handspring shows how our collaboration And relationships With experts In silicone fabrication And manufacturing techniques provide unparalleled results For our patients. This article can be found here:

Both Of these Case studies are prime examples Of how the Handspring Clinical Team thinks outside Of the box In order To provide the best solutions For our patients. You will Not find this level Of care And compassion anywhere Else.

Have you had questions about what 3-D printing Is And isn't with regard to prosthetics? In the July edition of The O&P Edge, Chris Baschuk, MPO, CPO, LP, FAAOP discusses some of the questions and concerns that face the profession of prosthetics and orthotics with respect to 3-D printing and the potential that exists for developing collaboration with the "maker" community and O&P clinicians. Chris’s article is on page 80. The O&P EDGE article can be found here:


The Handspring Clinical Team Is looking forward To the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association's National Assembly September 8-11th in Boston, MA. This is a wonderful event to share and gain knowledge with our peers and manufacturers. Handspring is pleased to have been selected to share some of our expert knowledge and experience as part of the educational component of this world class conference.

We are very proud Of Handspring's Debra Latour, OTR/L for the three presentations that she will be giving. Way to go Debi!

Her first presentation has been scheduled As part Of the Phycology And Public Health Free Paper Session which Is scheduled For Friday, September 9 at 2:00 - 3:15 PM.

Presentation Title: Patient Satisfaction And Client-Centered Feedback Form

Her Next two presentations are scheduled As part Of the Upper-Limb Prosthetics—A Treatment Specialty Free Paper Session On Friday, September 9 at 4:00 – 5:15 PM.

Presentation Title: Cutaneous Anchor Technology And Creative Solutions To Complex Problems

Presentation Title: Impact of Bilateral Upper Limb Prosthesis Simulators in Pre-Prosthetic Training: A Case Study

In addition To Debi's three presentations, the Handspring Clinical Team will be displaying and presenting a poster on Saturday, September 10th from 1:00 – 2:00 PM.

Poster Title: Combined Utilization Of Fabric Prosthetic Socket Design And Pattern Recognition Control In Shoulder Disarticulation Prostheses

We look forward To sharing our expert knowledge With our colleagues And peers In the hopes Of improving the quality Of upper limb prosthetics care For amputees. To learn more about the conference please visit:


Handspring Is pleased To announce the acceptance Of two abstracts To the prestigious First International Symposium On Innovations In Amputation Surgery & Prosthetic Technologies To be held In Chicago, IL May 12-13th. One Of our upper limb specialists, Chris Baschuk, MPO, CPO, LP, FAAOP will be sharing a lecture titled: "Utilization of Pattern Recognition with Patients Initially Contraindicated for Myoelectric Control in Upper Limb Prostheses" The Handspring team will also be presenting a poster title: "Combined Utilization of Fabric Prosthetic Socket Design and Pattern Recognition Control in Shoulder Disarticulation Prostheses"

You can view the abstracts below:

Information On the conference can be found by visiting:


article from The Times Herald-Record

Israel Rodriguez of Loch Sheldrake remembers being strapped to the hospital bed, surrounded by tearful family members following the car crash five years ago.

It wasn’t until the then-31-year-old was finally permitted to stand up that he realized he was missing a limb.

"I’m a lefty," he says. "And I lost my left arm."

He also lost the ability to do much of what he loved – construction work, landscaping, wood-chopping, auto mechanics. When it snows, it’s hard to shovel, and forget about stopping to help push a driver back onto a wintry Sullivan County roadway. And the accident happened just two days before he was to start employment with the town...

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The Handspring Clinical Team Is proud To announce the acceptance Of the accompanying research poster at the 2013 American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association's World Congress in Orlando, FL. As one of only three research posters accepted from clinical companies, the research entitled "The Importance of a Team Approach to Achieve the Best Functional Outcome with the Upper Limb Amputee" presented an exceptional approach to upper limb prosthetic care that definitely caught the attention of the clinical judges for this history World Congress for the orthotic and prosthetic profession. Congratulations to Handspring team members Laura Katzenberger CP, Claribell Bayona OTR/L, and Debra Latour M.Ed., OTR/L for their extra efforts to present the Multidisciplinary Approach used every day with Handspring patients.

  • Laura Katzenberger, CP, LP
  • Claribell Bayona OTR/L
  • Debra Latour M.Ed., OTR/L

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