Handspring is an ensemble of highly knowledgeable medical professionals who are focused on providing a holistic approach for patients needing specialized care in upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation. Our uniquely experienced team of prosthetists, therapists, fabrication specialists, and insurance experts have worked with patients around the globe to provide innovative, highly customized prosthetic devices that assist patients in living their daily lives to the fullest.

Throughout the Handspring organization, our specialists utilize the latest technologies to optimize the way in which the patients, pediatric to geriatric, are evaluated, treated, provided therapy, and assisted with their funding requirements. Having worked with partial hand amputees, hand amputees, arm amputees, and patients with congenital upper limb differences, the team at Handspring is extremely familiar with a wide range of patients and their daily needs.

Handspring patients are provided the best possible prosthetic devices that match their individual requirements. Once each patient’s needs are clearly understood, the multidisciplinary Handspring team sorts through the wide range of prosthetic options that are available to find the absolute best choice for that specific person. Our experience, and our patients, have taught us that no single prosthesis will address the multiple deficits associated with upper limb absence or loss. For some people, the use of myoelectric arms and bionic hands may be the most appropriate, while for other patients, body-powered or activity-specific prostheses may create the best results. In many cases, a combination of prostheses best meet the patient’s needs. By focusing on each person as an individual, every Handspring patient receives the device and the care that optimizes what they want to do in their own specific life.

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